What We Do

The NPSS is busy! We try to tackle as many issues related to native plants as possible, use as many different resources as we can to achieve our goals and attempt to reach as large an audience as possible. Here's a list of just some of the things that we do.

Promotion and Education

  • Newsletter - The NPSS produces the Native Plant News, a quarterly publication that features articles on native plant identification, gardening, research updates, conservation and education efforts, news releases, lists of upcoming events, and NPSS projects.
  • Information Display - The NPSS has a booth which is taken to events ranging from trade shows and exhibitions to conferences and workshops.
  • Event Sponsorship - Non-NPSS events are sponsored where the conservation and/or wise use of native plants is promoted.

Market Development

  • Liaising - The NPSS regularly talks with producers and users of native plants to identify needs, educate and establish partnerships.
  • Listing Service - The native plant market is still young. The NPSS facilitates the development of native plant markets through a number of initiatives, including the native plant materials and services database found on this website and a downloadable list of native plant and service providers.
  • Harvesting and Marketing - The NPSS frequently receives inquiries related to seed harvesting and marketing. We have produced resources on how to start native seed harvesting, growing and selling, and a market assessment of the native seed industry in Saskatchewan. Contact the NPSS office for copies.

Information and Distribution

  • Information Development - The NPSS has developed booklets, posters, conservation guidelines and educational materials related to conservation of native plants and their habitats. See a complete list of our publications and contact the NPSS for copies. Arrangements can be made for large volumes of some publications to be sent to schools, community groups and associations.

Seminars and Tours

  • Annual Conference - The NPSS annual meeting is typically held in February each year. Conference themes vary from native plant industry topics, to conservation issues, to native plants as part of our culture. The event is attended by conservation professionals, scientists, gardeners and nature enthusiasts. The event is held in various locations across Saskatchewan and boasts speakers of national and international acclaim.
  • Workshops and Tours - To further increase awareness of native plant conservation, the NPSS holds a variety of seminars and field tours. Workshop topics include growing native plants, managing native plant habitats, rare plant identification and survey techniques, and identification and management of invasive plants. Our guided summer field tours visit some of the most unique native plant habitats throughout the province and give people access to places and information that can only be gained through our tours. The summer field tour is held in various locations throughout the province each year and is the highlight of many people's summer.
  • Did you know that...
  • Starflower, a flower of the boreal forest, commonly has seven leaves, seven petals, seven sepals and seven stigma.