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Partnership Opportunities - Partners With Plants

Native plants are our past and our future. Many challenges exist in our environment which affects all of us on some level. However, it is these challenges that also provide opportunities to cooperate and take action to achieve success that benefits everyone. Success takes dedication, time and money. The NPSS believes that only by partnering with like-minded organizations can significant results be achieved. Partnerships are more than the sum of their parts and allow goals to be accomplished that would otherwise be too large for a single organization to address. In this spirit, the NPSS invites you to partner with us:

Partnership Opportunities

Project Partners

Project Partnership provides an opportunity to make a directed contribution to a project of special interest to your organization. These projects may include: information booklets, workshops, student and professional awards, classroom awareness programs, and research grants. The nature of partnership is open for discussion. You may consider having the NPSS administer or conduct the projects in cooperation with your organization or independently.

Event Partners

As an Event Partner, your contribution will be used to support NPSS coordinated events including the annual meeting/conference, tours, seminars, and workshops.

General Partners

Your contribution as a General Partner will help support the on-going activities of the NPSS such as production of the newsletter, attendance at trade shows and conferences, and other activities where there is a financial need.

Corporate Membership

Membership in the NPSS provides the foundation for our organization and its activities. Membership entitles you to a variety of benefits ranging from receiving the newsletter to receiving reduced rates for events and publications.

Partnership Benefits

Inherent Benefits

All participants in the Partners with Plants program will receive the direct or indirect benefits arising from conservation of native plant areas and development and marketing of the native plant industry. Such benefits may include increased conservation of wildlife habitat and natural areas, increased awareness and recognition of native plants, larger native plant markets, more native plant research, and development of new uses for native plants.

Partner Recognition

Participants in the Partners with Plants program will be recognized in a variety of ways depending upon the nature of the partnership:

  • free advertising space in the newsletter or on the website
  • listing in newsletters, brochures, NPSS business cards, and/or publications
  • logos or names on hats, shirts, etc.
  • recognition at NPSS hosted events and/or with the NPSS display at trade shows
  • acknowledgment as a specific Project Partner
  • display or promotion of products or services your organization offers
  • special invitations to events
  • discounts on NPSS merchandise and events

For inquiries regarding opportunities for partnership with the NPSS, email us at

  • Did you know that...
  • Lichens aren't a single organism but are instead a fungus and an algae working together. The fungus offers protection from the elements and a place to grow while the algae returns the favour by giving nutrients to the fungus.