Educational Resources

This page is for educators and students. The Native Plant Society of Saskatchewan is a strong advocate of nature education.

In addition to the resources found here, we also support schools by:

  • providing free printed materials
  • leading field tours
  • delivering outdoor and classroom presentations
  • hosting opportunities to "ask an expert", where students can interact with a professional biologist or related occupation though in person events or Skype. In some cases, we can arrange for French-speaking experts.

We also support the establishment of native plant learning gardens on school grounds by offering free native seeds, printed resources, personal visits, presentations and expert advice to help with all stages of the process. The gardens can be as small as a square meter.

All of what we do is always free for participating schools.

Does any of this sound like something you'd want? If so, please call us at (306) 668-3940 or e-mail us at

Also, please check out the Info Resources page and the rest of our website as there may be useful resources on other pages.

Native Prairie Interactive Webpage

On the Prairie:

It has a field guide to the plants, animals and insects that live on the prairie, as well as curriculum goodies and downloadable prairie panoramas where you can scroll around as if you were there!

Nature-based Games

Build a Prairie:

The Watershed Game:

Educational Resources 


Booklet - Native Plants, Water and Us!
(Contact the NPSS for your free copy)


Poster - Native Plant Communities of Saskatchewan 
(Contact the NPSS for your free copy)


Educational Activity Sheet for Kids - Native Plant Communities of Saskatchewan 
(Contact the NPSS for your free copy)


 Taking Stock of a Vanishing Ecosystem and Dwindling Resource - electronic version
(Contact the NPSS for your free printed copy)

Native Plant Lesson Plans for Educators - Science Curriculum 


 Kindergarten Lesson Plan


  Grade 1 Lesson Plan


  Grade 2 Lesson Plan


  Grade 3 Lesson Plan


  Grade 4 Lesson Plan


  Grade 5 Lesson Plan


  Grade 6 Lesson Plan


 Grade 7 Lesson Plan


 Grade 7 Nutrient Cycling Lesson Plan


 Grade 8 Lesson Plan


 Grade 9 Lesson Plan


 Grade 10 Cultural Perspectives Lesson Plan


 Grade 10 Lesson Plan


 Grade 10 Nutrient Cycling Lesson Plan


 Grade 11 Lesson Plan 


 Grade 12 Lesson Plan 


Other Educational Resources 

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  • Did you know that...
  • According to Environment and Climate Change Canada, there are 1 endangered, 4 threatened, and 10 special concern vascular plants in Saskatchewan.