Native Plant Sources

For a list of ALL native plant material and service providers, please download the following document: Native Plant Material and Services Supplier List

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2011 services and products

Eastern Slopes Rangeland Seeds Ltd. »


Contracting services
Reclamation Managment
Environmental Assessments
Rare species surveys
Weed surveys


Seed Available
Mountain Brome
Foothills rough fescue
Awned Wheat grass
Astragalus canadensis
Other species are available in small quantities

Live plant list
Foothills rough fescue (plug)
Plains rough fescue (plug)
Potentilla fruticosa (4inch pot)
Bearberry (4 inch pot)
Juniper (4 inch pot)
Salix spp (4 inch pot or stakes)


Prices vary by volume purchased. We can produce any species in large quantities but need to be given 5 months notice for most species.

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  • Did you know that...
  • Water Hemlock, a plant native to Saskatchewan, is one of the most toxic plants in North America; all parts of the plant are poisonous and a marble-sized piece of root is enough to kill a human!