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What's Blooming?

Hi everyone!

The following native plants are now blooming: 

Crocus (Anemone patens)

Golden bean (Thermopsis rhombifolia)

Three-flowered avens (Geum triflorum)

Early blue violet (Viola adunca)

Moss phlox (Phlox hoodii)

Thorny buffaloberry (Shepherdia canadnesis)

Round-leaved hawthorn (Crataegus chrysopcarpa)

Manitoba maple (Acer negundo)

Trembling aspen (Populus tremuloides)

And more!

If anyone has seen anything blooming other than what's listed, please contact me at or (306) 668-3940 and I'll be happy to post it!

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  • Did you know that...
  • Before settlement, Saskatchewan had 13,400,000 hectares of mixed grass prairie but only has 2,500,000 today, representing a decline of over 81%.