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Native Plants in the Classroom

Native Plants in the Classroom is an award-winning* program designed to connect youth with nature through classroom and outdoor exercises, teacher resources, and educational materials. By empowering youth to become "citizen scientists", they learn about the importance of our natural habitats.

The NPSS has produced free educational materials about native plants and habitats and continues to distribute hundreds of copies across the province annually. A teacher resource kit was also created which contains detailed lesson plans, native seeds to plant, printed resources such as booklets and posters, and electronic media such as a teacher/student resource page on the NPSS website. The teacher resource kit has been distributed to every school in Saskatchewan, and additional kits are sent annually to keep pace with new schools and teachers.

We are also establishing native plant teaching gardens in school yards, especially in areas where youth have little or no access to nature. These gardens also contain native plants used in traditional medicine as a way to reconnect indigenous youth to their culture and honour Saskatchewan's First People.

*Native Plants in the Classroom has received an award from the Regional Centre of Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development.

To access the free educational resources, go to our Educational Resources page here:

For more information on the project or to obtain project materials, please contact the NPSS at (306) 668-3940 or

The NPSS gratefully accepts donations toward this program. All donations are tax-deductible and can be made here:

Initial funding for this project was generously provided by EcoAction, a funding program of Environment Canada, and Go Green, a funding program of the Saskatchewan Ministry of the Environment. 



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  • Did you know that...
  • Saskatchewan has many carnivorous plants. Some examples include: the Pitcherplant that drowns its prey, the Sundew that traps insects with sticky hairs and the Bladderwort that sucks its victims into small chambers.