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Voluntary Codes of Conduct

The Voluntary Codes of Conduct (VCC) is a program that was developed to help prevent the degradation of natural areas by invasive horticultural plants. Anyone can participate and it's free! The program works by reducing both the supply and demand of invasive ornamental plants that currently aren't restricted by any laws such as the Saskatchewan Weed Control Act. 

Suppliers such as greenhouses and nurseries are asked to voluntarily stop selling any horticultural plant deemed invasive and, in return, they are allowed to brand themselves as an environmentally-friendly supplier using our materials, and will have VCC users directed to their businesses. 

VCC participating users such as landscape architects, landscapers, park and land managers, horticulture societies and home gardeners voluntarily agree not to use or buy any plant deemed invasive and, in return, receive a certificate recognizing their efforts and a list of participating retailers to ensure that the plants they purchase are not invasive. 

If you are involved at any level with plants, please contact the Native Plant Society of Saskatchewan at (306) 668-3940 or to see how you can become involved.

Use the following forms to help you get involved with the Voluntary Codes of Conduct

Voluntary Codes of Conduct Instructions

Gardening Public Form

Gardening Public Example

Landscape Architects Form

Landscape Architects Example

Nursery Professionals Form

Nursery Professionals Example


Funding for this project was generously provided by Environment Canada through the Invasive Alien Species Partnership Program.


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  • Did you know that...
  • Although most of the NPSS' 200 members are from Saskatchewan, there are also members from Manitoba, Alberta and British Columbia.